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command staff

Fort Myers Beach Fire Department Command and Executive Staff is made up of Chief Officers and executives which oversee the various branches, divisions, and programs of the organization.  These individuals are responsible for the execution of the organization’s mission, vision, and values on a daily and long-term basis.  The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department Command and Executive Staff represents each area of the organization to provide guidance and expertise to the Fire Chief while achieving our strategic plan.

Profile image Chief Martin


Fire Chief 

Chief Martin has served in fire and emergency medical services since 1992, with the support of his wife Rose and three children and currently serves the District as the Fire chief and leads community risk reduction efforts for our community. Chief Martin’s governing philosophy is to engage citizen partners in being active participants in their own safety initiatives.  Chief Martin also believes that any Fire or Medical Emergency the District can mitigate, is the one that never occurs.
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Profile Image - Angie Snyder Angie Snyder

Executive Assistant





Executive Assistant Fire Chief of Operations

The Operations Branch is overseen by the Executive Assistant Fire Chief of Operations, who works closely with the Assistant Chief of Training, Education and Safety, the Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services, Battalion Chiefs, Captains, Driver Engineers, Paramedics, and Firefighters to execute the operational mission of the organization.

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Profile image Chief KrausRandy Kraus

Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services

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Executive Assistant Fire Chief of Life Safety & Support Services


Profile image Chief WirthScott Wirth

Assistant Chief of Special Services

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Jennifer CampbellJennifer Campbell

Deputy Fire Marshal

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  Trevor Mercure

  Support Services Coordinator

  Bob Vigne

  Technology & Security           

Christina EnsorChristina Ensor

Life Safety and Support Services Assistant

Profile Image - Jane Thompson


Finance and Administrative Services Director

Jane Thompson serves the District as the Director of Finance and Administrative Services. She was born in Michigan but having moved to Cape Coral, Florida as an infant, considers herself a native Floridian. Jane grew up in Cape Coral and as an adult enjoyed volunteering for many organizations such as little league baseball, pop warner football, Saint Andrew Catholic School events and the Kiwanis Club.


Colleen BrooksColleen Brooks

Human Resources

Angela Vallarta

Administrative Assistant