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Every year the Florida Association of Special Districts (FASD) recognizes one special district manager which meets the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and transparent governmental services to the citizens in the State of Florida. On behalf of our Board of Fire Commissioners, we are pleased to announce Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief Matthew Love has been chosen and awarded the FASD District Manager of the Year award for 2020.


The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department (FMBFD) is a long-standing member of the Florida Association of Special Districts (FASD).  The FASD was formed in 1979 with the purpose of strengthening special purpose governments in the state of Florida through the legislative process, education, and exchange of ideas between partners.  The FASD represents over 1,700 independent and dependent special districts. This includes water control districts, community development districts, hospital districts, road and utility districts, port and inlet control districts, mosquito control districts, fire control districts and many more. Essentially, most government entities that are not overseen by a city or other municipality are special districts.


FROM:  Ronald L. Martin- Executive Assistant Fire Chief, Public Information Officer