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Jane Thompson

Jane Thompson

Finance & Administrative Services Director

Jane Thompson serves the District as the Director of Finance and Administrative Services.  She was born in Michigan but having moved to Cape Coral, Florida as an infant, considers herself a native Floridian.  Jane grew up in Cape Coral and as an adult enjoyed volunteering for many organizations such as little league baseball, pop warner football, Saint Andrew Catholic School events and the Kiwanis Club.

In 1982 Jane began her accounting career at a public accounting firm in West Palm Beach, Florida.   In 1985 she returned to Cape Coral to assist with a family-owned business.  In 1992, the family sold the business and Jane resumed her professional career with a Fort Myers based Certified Public Accounting firm.  While at the firm, she enjoyed working with a wide variety of clients, public and private, spanning diverse industries, which included fire districts.  In 2006, Jane accepted the position of Finance Director with the District in a desire to shift her focus toward governmental accounting, and serving the general public.

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